January demonstrations, 20th and 21st

In the end of January 2009, the Icelandic nation had lost it’s patience against the sitting government and a powerful and previously almost unheard of protests and demonstrations erupted in the streets and around the house of the Icelandic parliament, shouting “Vanhæf ríkisstjórn!”(e. “Incompetent government” rythmically for two days in a row, causing government to resign.

The 20th:


Protesters take down a christmas tree, the so called “Oslo tree”, a traditional gift from Oslo, Norway, every christmas.

Exhausted protesters gather around the burning “Oslo tree”, under a red flag of revolution.
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The demonstrations continued throughout the following day, with a riot police shield wall around the house of the parliament.

The riot police shield wall was littered with toilet paper and various garbage.

Protests, 21st january, '09 (more inside)
Protesters dance around a burning litter bin.

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